Showed at Graduation Show ArtEZ 2009, Arnhem Mode Bienale, photo: Peter Stigter

My graduation collection ALPHAVILLE is based on the clothing style of the mid fifties until mid sixties period in Paris.
I was inspired by movies shown during that period, like 'A Bout de Souffle' with American Jean Seberg and 'Alphaville' with Danish born actress Anna Karina. Anna and Jean were famous by their clasical, individual, artisitc style. ladylike, but with a twist. Graphical lines in a romantic way.

With this in mind I started moulding. By folding the fabric, I achieved interesting new silhouettes and shapes.
Then I added colours to the basic shapes and developped a print, inspired by the 'Britgitte Bardot-square'.
I chose classical fabrics like wool, silk and cotton, very contrasting by really thin and quite thick qualities.

models: Dagmar, Suus, Cherish, Hiukwan, Jivan, Ebony and Dorothe